Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Layser Cave-Gifford Pinchot NF-Washington

It doesn't look like much, but Layser Cave has been called one of the most significant archaeological sites in western Washington. From animal bones and stone tools found on the floor of the cave and buried in the soil layers, experts have pieced together thousands of years of history.

The walk to reach it is barely 1/4 mile, after a steep drive up Road 2300.83. The trailhead is located at N 46.27.695 W 121.51.604. Start down the trail to a fork after a few hundred feet. The right fork goes to the cave, but on a clear day, be sure to backtrack and take the left fork as well, to a point that looks out over the Cispus River Valley, the top of Mt Adams and Tower Rock. Along the way, we spotted a brown creeper, varied thrush, a Bewicks Wren and a golden-crowned kinglet.

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