Monday, January 07, 2008

Non-Deciduous Maple?

A cool, breezy day, but a few blue patches in the sky. Lots of birds out and about (note to self: take your binoculars next time!) I noticed a maple today that had virtually all of its leaves. The leaves were a bright fall-color red, but this is January! I read somewhere that some maples have been genetically engineered to keep their leaves. Is this such a variety, or an ominous sign of global warming?

Also seen or heard today: A Bewick's wren's scratchy buzz, a robin chirping, then later I heard one singing. Crows, house finch, starlings (one doing a killdeer imitation), red-winged blackbird, black-capped chickadees, scrub jay, mourning dove, red tail hawk, house sparrows, a male bufflehead and mallard, flicker, juncos, lesser goldfinch, house sparrows and a gull that was too distant to identify. Good sighting of the day were three Anna's hummingbirds. Two buzzing at each other across the street drew my attention, then I saw another one later.

A female downy woodpecker came to the suet feeder this afternoon. She was a bit messy, but not a problem. A scrub jay swooped in about 10 seconds after she was gone and ate the suet dropped from the feeder. I noticed a squirrel sniffing around on the ground after the scrub jay departed.

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