Wednesday, June 09, 2010

It would have been only 504,998 without us!

Continuing in our uncanny ability for bad timing (we invested in the stock market in July of 2001), we went to the Shanghai Expo on the day that a new attendance record was set.

I have gotten used to large crowds, so we were quite prepared for the experience. We went in with the attitude that we would see what we saw and not stress about the fact that this would not be our "choice" experience. As a result, we were not disappointed. It did not even cross our minds to spend 6 of our 8 hours standing in line for a 15 minute experience in one of the more popular pavilions. We watched people, enjoyed the outside of many pavilions, saw the inside of a few and got our picture taken with complete strangers. We didn't even know about the attendance record until we returned home and saw the headline in the China Daily.

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  1. Are you sure you were counted? Maybe because you didn't stand in all the long lines they didn't add you.