Saturday, July 09, 2011


Last autumn, we took a walk at Camassia Natural Area. We knew that the little island of nature was not in its prime during the fall, but wanted to check out the location so we'd be ready for spring. When spring rolled around, we almost missed the show, but snuck over there right before leaving on a trip. These photos were taken on May 17th.

As it was many days this spring, the sky was overcast and it looked to be on the edge of drizzle the entire time we were there. But we hardly noticed, as the camas flowers, bright blue against the spring green, seemed to be glowing themselves. Several other wildflower species made an appearance, but the camas is the star of the show. I'd rank this as a "must see" and it'll be on our calendar for next spring as well.

Located in West Linn, Oregon. Entrance located at GPS N 45.35922, W 122.61824. More information here.

And thanks to my sister for bugging me about posting on my blog!

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  1. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Good job posting and it looks like a nice walk even if it looks a little muddy.