Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ice is Nice, Last Installment (for this winter, I hope)

Because our winters are relatively mild, I haven't had much experience with the different forms in which ice manifests itself.  For example, ice seems to push out of the soft ground in long columns. I don't know how this works. 

The two following photos are examples of rime ice.  We all thought water froze at 32 degrees, but surprise! Pure water can be much colder than that before it turns to a solid. Unless the water has something to freeze on or around, it can just float in the air in its super-cooled state until it does make contact with something, then freezes on contact. Ice loves to form on ice so we get these feathery formations of frozen droplets stacked on one another.

 And finally, we saw this weird icicle.  I guess there must have been some water flowing in a crack in the log that froze as it hit the cold air.  The icicle had a tinge of sap color and I had to touch it to make sure it was really ice and not a thick sap.

These photos were all taken at the Magness Tree Farm.

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