Friday, February 29, 2008

Winter Wrens and Rain

On this leap day, two typical Oregon winter features return. One, I'm certain was here all the time, just outside of my senses. The other has been conspicuously absent for many days!

The winter wren is one of the few birds that sing during Oregon's cloudy and dark winters. The cheery song, surprisingly loud for such a little bird, is like a beam of sunlight during the winter's gloom. Is it a coincidence that I heard not one, but six different birds on the same day that the rain returned?


  1. I love the Winter Wren song! It is so uplifting, especially when it is gloomy.

    Nice post and good birding to you!

  2. Anonymous10:16 AM

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  3. A sweet picture of the little wren amongst the ferns! I enjoyed your journal entry and hope you will continue to post.

    P.S. I have tagged you to participate in the Six Word Memoir meme. I invite you to see my 'Welcome Spring' post for the rules.