Friday, March 21, 2008

Three Arch Rocks

They don't look like much, but those rocks rising from the ocean out there are as much home to birds and wildlife as your family room is to you. Because they like it so much out there, that same wildlife inspired naturalists in the early 20th century to fight for protection of the rocks as a wildlife sanctuary.

Now, Three Arch Rocks National Wildlife Refuge provides Oregon's only north-coast pupping site for Steller sea lions and the largest breeding colony of common murres south of Alaska. If you are looking for tufted puffins, search the rocks in spring and summer when they breed here.
To get to Oceanside Beach, where you can see out to the Rocks, drive the Three Capes Tour Route from Tillamook or Pacific City and follow the signs for Oceanside.
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  1. Interesting about those arch rocks. They look so huge.