Friday, October 01, 2010

Exactly Sixteen Hours and Thirty Seven Minutes (including more than twelve hours of darkness)

Barely did I get the last post up before I had the first visitor to the feeder. Memory, alertness? I'm not sure, but it didn't take long.

And do birds watch each other? The answer is most decidedly yes. Within seven minutes of the appearance of this junco, a towhee, another junco, a flicker and a chestnut backed chickadee all came to the feeder.

Forty minutes later, a song sparrow showed up. Maybe they are tweeting each other?

I was spurred to get to the store to buy sunflower seeds by a towhee lurking in the arborvitae in our back yard. It makes me wonder if some of these birds are the young ones raised in our yard, birds that we didn't see or feed for more than a year.

Some interesting items about bird memory:
Scrub jays
Rufous hummingbird(scroll down to Cool Facts)
Abstract on research

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