Thursday, September 26, 2013

Moving Day and A Solo Hike

We moved from the southwest corner of Mount Rainier to northeast: White River Campground.  We wanted to arrive early because we had no reservations.  It took us a few attempts to find a spot we liked, but there seemed to be several available.  Could it have anything to do with this sign?

Well, I'm sure I'll sleep better tonight.

This old patrol cabin is in the campground, a left-over ranger station by the Wonderland Trail, the trail that circles the mountain.

I walked by the cabin on my way to the: 
Cal was not feeling up to a hike, but I wanted to do a little exploration.  I decided to take the short trail to Emmons Moraine.  The trail parallels the White River, with several great views of Little Tahoma Peak.
Little Tahoma on the left of Rainier and the glacial moraine in the foreground
The trail up the side of the moraine was sandy and slippery, but I had talked to an elderly couple who had just come from there. If they could do it, a young'un like me could!

Scenes from the top of the moraine:
Don't know if this lake has a name
Another disappointingly dirty glacier
Emmons Glacier has the largest surface area of any glacier in the contiguous United States (according to Wikipedia)
Guess it's time to turn around.

Back at the campground, I saw this great bumper sticker.  Even though I saw it when most of the day was over, I thought it was a good summary of the day.

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