Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Paradise on Mount Rainier and Trees To Look Up To

What does Paradise look like?  Seen from the Nisqually Vista Trail, it looks like this:
Avalanche lilies

Such a beautiful place, even the wildlife is having  fun!

The Nisqually Glacier itself was a bit of a scenic disappointment.
It's hard to tell which is mountain and which is glacier, except for the Nisqually Trickle flowing from the glacier.

And hard to believe this is the beginning of the robust river that pours into the Puget Sound at the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge just over 80 miles away.

From Paradise, there's also a picture perfect view of the Tatoosh Mountains.

We also toured the Grove of the Patriarchs.  Passage to the Grove is over this fun suspension bridge.

Yep, the "Patriarchs" are big trees (random child posed for perspective).


  1. Beautiful area and nice close up of the deer!

  2. That was one friendly deer!

  3. Karen7:28 PM

    It truly looked like that deer was having fun! Smiling almost! LOL!!!

  4. Karen7:29 PM

    That deer truly did look like he was having fun - Almost "smiling" !